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#define fuse_main   fuse_main_compat1

Main function of FUSE.

This is for the lazy. This is all that has to be called from the main() function.

This function does the following:

  • parses command line options (-d -s and -h)
  • passes relevant mount options to the fuse_mount()
  • installs signal handlers for INT, HUP, TERM and PIPE
  • registers an exit handler to unmount the filesystem on program exit
  • creates a fuse handle
  • registers the operations
  • calls either the single-threaded or the multi-threaded event loop

Note: this is currently implemented as a macro.

argcthe argument counter passed to the main() function
argvthe argument vector passed to the main() function
opthe file system operation
user_datauser data supplied in the context during the init() method
0 on success, nonzero on failure

Definition at line 917 of file fuse.h.

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