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#define FUSE_CAP_ASYNC_READ   (1 << 0)

Capability bits for 'fuse_conn_info.capable' and 'fuse_conn_info.want'

FUSE_CAP_ASYNC_READ: filesystem supports asynchronous read requests FUSE_CAP_POSIX_LOCKS: filesystem supports "remote" locking FUSE_CAP_ATOMIC_O_TRUNC: filesystem handles the O_TRUNC open flag FUSE_CAP_EXPORT_SUPPORT: filesystem handles lookups of "." and ".." FUSE_CAP_BIG_WRITES: filesystem can handle write size larger than 4kB FUSE_CAP_DONT_MASK: don't apply umask to file mode on create operations

Definition at line 93 of file fuse_common.h.

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