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int fuse_getgroups ( int  size,
gid_t  list[] 

Get the current supplementary group IDs for the current request

Similar to the getgroups(2) system call, except the return value is always the total number of group IDs, even if it is larger than the specified size.

The current fuse kernel module in linux (as of 2.6.30) doesn't pass the group list to userspace, hence this function needs to parse "/proc/$TID/task/$TID/status" to get the group IDs.

This feature may not be supported on all operating systems. In such a case this function will return -ENOSYS.

size size of given array
list array of group IDs to be filled in
the total number of supplementary group IDs or -errno on failure

Definition at line 3470 of file fuse.c.

References fuse_getgroups(), and fuse_req_getgroups().

Referenced by fuse_getgroups().

      fuse_req_t req = fuse_get_context_internal()->req;
      return fuse_req_getgroups(req, size, list);

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