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fuse_req Struct Reference

#include <fuse_i.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A request to the client

Definition at line 231 of file fuse_i.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned aborted:1
unsigned background:1
struct fuse_chan * ch
atomic_t count
int ctr
struct fuse_ctx ctx
struct dentrydentry
void(* end )(struct fuse_conn *, struct fuse_req *)
struct fuse_ll * f
struct filefile
unsigned force:1
struct fuse_in in
int interrupted
unsigned interrupted:1
struct list_head intr_entry
u64 intr_unique
unsigned isreply:1
struct list_head list
pthread_mutex_t lock
unsigned locked:1
union {
   struct fuse_forget_in   forget_in
   struct fuse_init_in   init_in
   struct fuse_init_out   init_out
   struct fuse_lk_in   lk_in
   struct fuse_read_in   read_in
   struct fuse_release_in   release_in
struct fuse_reqnext
unsigned num_pages
struct fuse_out out
unsigned page_offset
struct page * pages [FUSE_MAX_PAGES_PER_REQ]
struct fuse_reqprev
enum fuse_req_state state
struct filestolen_file
union {
   struct {
      uint64_t   unique
   }   i
   struct {
      void *   data
      fuse_interrupt_func_t   func
   }   ni
uint64_t unique
struct vfsmountvfsmount
unsigned waiting:1
wait_queue_head_t waitq

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