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fuse_opt.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This file defines the option parsing interface of FUSE

Definition in file fuse_opt.h.

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struct  fuse_args
struct  fuse_opt


#define FUSE_ARGS_INIT(argc, argv)   { argc, argv, 0 }
#define FUSE_OPT_END   { .templ = NULL }
#define FUSE_OPT_KEY(templ, key)   { templ, -1U, key }
#define FUSE_OPT_KEY_KEEP   -3
#define FUSE_OPT_KEY_NONOPT   -2
#define FUSE_OPT_KEY_OPT   -1


typedef int(* fuse_opt_proc_t )(void *data, const char *arg, int key, struct fuse_args *outargs)


int fuse_opt_add_arg (struct fuse_args *args, const char *arg)
int fuse_opt_add_opt (char **opts, const char *opt)
void fuse_opt_free_args (struct fuse_args *args)
int fuse_opt_insert_arg (struct fuse_args *args, int pos, const char *arg)
int fuse_opt_match (const struct fuse_opt opts[], const char *opt)
int fuse_opt_parse (struct fuse_args *args, void *data, const struct fuse_opt opts[], fuse_opt_proc_t proc)

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