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int fuse_reply_create ( fuse_req_t  req,
const struct fuse_entry_param e,
const struct fuse_file_info fi 

Reply with a directory entry and open parameters

currently the following members of 'fi' are used: fh, direct_io, keep_cache

Possible requests: create

req request handle
e the entry parameters
fi file information
zero for success, -errno for failure to send reply

Definition at line 334 of file fuse_lowlevel.c.

References fuse_reply_create().

Referenced by fuse_reply_create().

      struct {
            struct fuse_entry_out e;
            struct fuse_open_out o;
      } arg;

      memset(&arg, 0, sizeof(arg));
      fill_entry(&arg.e, e);
      fill_open(&arg.o, f);
      return send_reply_ok(req, &arg, sizeof(arg));

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