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struct fuse_chan* fuse_session_next_chan ( struct fuse_session *  se,
struct fuse_chan *  ch 
) [read]

Iterate over the channels assigned to a session

The iterating function needs to start with a NULL channel, and after that needs to pass the previously returned channel to the function.

se the session
ch the previous channel, or NULL
the next channel, or NULL if no more channels exist

Definition at line 77 of file fuse_session.c.

References fuse_session_next_chan().

Referenced by fuse_loop_mt_proc(), fuse_read_cmd(), fuse_session_loop(), fuse_session_loop_mt(), and fuse_session_next_chan().

      assert(ch == NULL || ch == se->ch);
      if (ch == NULL)
            return se->ch;
            return NULL;

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