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int fuse_parse_cmdline ( struct fuse_args args,
char **  mountpoint,
int *  multithreaded,
int *  foreground 

Parse common options

The following options are parsed:

'-f' foreground '-d' '-odebug' foreground, but keep the debug option '-s' single threaded '-h' '--help' help '-ho' help without header '-ofsname=..' file system name, if not present, then set to the program name

All parameters may be NULL

args argument vector
mountpoint the returned mountpoint, should be freed after use
multithreaded set to 1 unless the '-s' option is present
foreground set to 1 if one of the relevant options is present
0 on success, -1 on failure

Definition at line 146 of file helper.c.

References fuse_args::argv, fuse_opt_parse(), and fuse_parse_cmdline().

Referenced by fuse_parse_cmdline().

      int res;
      struct helper_opts hopts;

      memset(&hopts, 0, sizeof(hopts));
      res = fuse_opt_parse(args, &hopts, fuse_helper_opts,
      if (res == -1)
            return -1;

      if (!hopts.nodefault_subtype) {
            res = add_default_subtype(args->argv[0], args);
            if (res == -1)
                  goto err;
      if (mountpoint)
            *mountpoint = hopts.mountpoint;

      if (multithreaded)
            *multithreaded = !hopts.singlethread;
      if (foreground)
            *foreground = hopts.foreground;
      return 0;

      return -1;

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