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void(* fuse_lowlevel_ops::setattr)(fuse_req_t req, fuse_ino_t ino, struct stat *attr, int to_set, struct fuse_file_info *fi)

Set file attributes

In the 'attr' argument only members indicated by the 'to_set' bitmask contain valid values. Other members contain undefined values.

If the setattr was invoked from the ftruncate() system call under Linux kernel versions 2.6.15 or later, the fi->fh will contain the value set by the open method or will be undefined if the open method didn't set any value. Otherwise (not ftruncate call, or kernel version earlier than 2.6.15) the fi parameter will be NULL.

Valid replies: fuse_reply_attr() fuse_reply_err()

req request handle
ino the inode number
attr the attributes
to_set bit mask of attributes which should be set
fi file information, or NULL
Changed in version 2.5: file information filled in for ftruncate

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