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 * linux/include/linux/parser.h
 * Header for lib/parser.c
 * Intended use of these functions is parsing filesystem argument lists,
 * but could potentially be used anywhere else that simple option=arg
 * parsing is required.

/* associates an integer enumerator with a pattern string. */
struct match_token {
      int token;
      char *pattern;

typedef struct match_token match_table_t[];

/* Maximum number of arguments that match_token will find in a pattern */
enum {MAX_OPT_ARGS = 3};

/* Describe the location within a string of a substring */
typedef struct {
      char *from;
      char *to;
} substring_t;

int match_token(char *, match_table_t table, substring_t args[]);
int match_int(substring_t *, int *result);
int match_octal(substring_t *, int *result);
int match_hex(substring_t *, int *result);
void match_strcpy(char *, substring_t *);
char *match_strdup(substring_t *);

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